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Shukla Yajurveda Rudrashtadhyayi Pdf 13

In contrast with rUdraM of krishna yajurveda , shukla yajurveda have rudrAshtadhyAyI .Literally rudrAshtadhyAyI means eight chapters dedicated to rUdra but actually having mantras dedicated to ganpatI ,heart ( shivasamkalpa suktaM ) ,purUsha , shrI ,surya (mitra ) ,Indra , bruhaspatI, rUdra,rUdra svasA, ambikA, shAntI devtAs consisting of 10 chapters ( 2 additional chapters ) . There are 6 different versions of rudrAshtadhyAyI prevalent in north India.

shukla yajurveda rudrashtadhyayi pdf 13


This portion is additionally and integrally recited as part of rudrAshtadhyAyI from ancient time .It consists of 24 mantras dedicated to pacifying deities of pravargya rite. It falls under the shukriya section of shukla yajurveda and generally not recited in night.

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