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Making Mastering Wood Planes

The building of planes is, of course, covered in immense detail. Even though laminated planes are simpler than traditional wooden planes, there are many fine points to understand and master. Most helpful is the section on troubleshooting a wooden plane and the steps required to get it back in perfect tune.

Making Mastering Wood Planes

I think this the best book for woodworking beginners, period. The title is almost misleading, because there is so much more information than just making wooden planes. It is by far the best book I have seen in the actual use and technique of using hand planes.

Originally published in 2000, this highly regarded guide has been reprinted in 2019 in a high-quality hardcover edition. This is more than an instruction manual on plane making; it is a book on refining woodworking skills.

As to be expected of this author (John M. Whelan also wrote the excellent and very comprehensive book The Wooden Plane: Its History, Form & Function, which has become one of the most authoritative books on the subject of woodworking planes), Making Traditional Wooden Planes is a great starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about how to make wooden planes.

Below is a list of my own personal collection of books related to woodworking. These books have provided me with helpful information and have provided me with ideas for new methods or techniques which have been very beneficial to my guitar making efforts. Titles are divided by subject. Some titles included a brief description of the general content. Again, this is by no means is this a comprehensive description. I have gotten useful information out of each one, maybe they can be of benefit to you also.

Next, check the mouth. Although a narrow mouth opening can help reduce tear-out with figured woods, thicker shavings can get stuck. I find that a 1/16"-wide opening works well with most stock, and lets thicker shavings through without choking. Most planes require removing the blade in order to adjust the mouth. But WoodRiver planes allow mouth adjustment by loosening two side screws at the rear of the frog and turning a central screw.

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