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Supernatural - Season 3

In the shortest season of the show, a lot actually happens for the brother hunters. We see the culmination of the shapeshifter plot from season 1, we learn more about demons after they all escaped from hell in the finale of season 2. Gordon finally meets his end, as the thing he hates most. We learn a lot more about the hunting community, with Bela being a thief of supernatural objects. Ruby tries to show the boys the ropes of fighting demons, and helps Sam and Dean out of a couple of bad situations. You should also be paying attention to one trickster that showed up yet again! Ultimately, destiny awaits Dean, and he meets his end by the traditional hellhound death of crossroads contract holders.

Supernatural - Season 3

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Riverdale has, predictably, come under similar criticism as other teen dramas. The series depends largely on loosely coherent plot points, actors much older than the ages of the actual characters (season three begins their junior year) and their sexualization.

This episode is really setting the tone for how the season will unfold. Bobby becomes a paternal figure, but much more available than theirs ever was. Dean and Sam diverge as the go on different journeys and, probably, Dean will need to save Sam from himself, again.

In the middle of May, Riverdale, Supernatural, Arrow and Dynasty will kick off a three-day finale run starting on May 16. The Flash will end season 4 on May 22 and iZombie will conclude its recently started fourth season on May 28.

How is Supernatural still going strong on its 12th season without having changed anything major about the show itself including the main characters? Supernatural is a show about two brothers who fight monsters, and deal with angels, demons, ghosts, vampires, and the like, so how could a show like this last for so long? What is it about this show that brings viewers back every week? There are many different aspects of the show that are unique to Supernatural, so here are four reasons why the show is still going strong 12 years on. 041b061a72

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