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Her captain had been advised to travel at high speed, with no lights and to remain close to the coast. Her captain however chose a route in deep water far from the Baltic coast as he feared the ship would run on a mine close to the coast. He also ordered navigation lights switched on out of concerns about the risk of collision. This made the ship a sitting duck for submarine attacks. I have seen documentaries on TV were surviving officers criticised his decisions and referred to him as a "bedwetter", but I am not sure things are so easy to judge.


Oh well, one more night of bedwetting than last time. Still, the dry nights outnumber the wet nights, so that's not all bad. Feb.4 / 5 was a weekend sleepover at a friend's, who knows about the bedwetting (and was a bedwetter himself till the age of 12). I'm glad the boy's not missing out on the fun, for that would be a shame and wholly unnecessary!

As the rubber sheets were on all the beds, no boy would have to tell the staff that they might need one. Which on some holidays when the staff came into the dorm and handed certain boys rubber sheets due to their records showing that they were bedwetters, or entering the dorm announcing "who needs a rubber sheet", meant it could be embarrassing.

On Monday night, Tony Abbott's former chief of staff, Peta Credlin, attacked the "hapless set of bedwetters" who she said plotted to oust him as prime minister and squandered the "wonderful victory of 2013". 041b061a72

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